The earthquakes on Monday 6th February hit a region that has already experienced conflict, displacement, and collective trauma. It marks another disaster that has forced many into even more precarious conditions during the cold winter and compounded existing trauma.

Whole families are in danger. Amna is supporting grassroots organisations to respond to the emergency, to ensure that communities on both sides of the border have access to the crucial support they need.

Donate to our emergency fund and help communities in crisis.

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At Amna, building and maintaining communities of care is the appropriate solution to the scale of the refugee crisis. We build connection and community in all aspect of our work – whether it’s the co-creations of our programmes or how we are scaling this work to reach as many refugees in need as possible.

Amna is a restricted fund under the auspices of Prism the Gift Fund (Reg. charity number: 1099682)

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Our approach is to work within community structures and organisations to integrate trauma-sensitive psychosocial approaches and tools so that refugees can gain respite, share experiences, be listened to and understood in safe, consistent spaces. In doing so, we ensure that a regular, dependable programme of psychosocial support remains available for those who need it, long after the cameras have turned away.

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We are working to raise the global standard in mental health care for refugees and promote sector-leading practices in humanitarian self-care. That’s why sustainability is a key part of what we do. We continually assess our work to ensure our programmes are effective and develop our methods into models that can be taught and replicated in different settings around the world.